Impact Footprint is an initiative to transform the impact innovation ecosystem.

Our vision is to increase the flow of capital to innovative local solutions that solve global challenges, from the perspective of the poorest.

Impact Footprint is a public good, and is available to anyone, anywhere.

Impact Footprint is powered by Insaan Group, a philanthropic entity that invests in solutions to poverty and brings systemic change through innovation. Insaan means human.

Impact Footprint is the result of Insaan’s own experience as an impact investor since 2007, backed by research, as well as a global consultative effort resulting in the Code of Practice for Non-Profits.

It was made possible by the generous donation of a Canadian impact investor and philanthropist, in close collaboration with a private giving foundation, and a partnership with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Canada.

Impact Footprint aims to offer:

Knowledge sharing
Standardised and comparable reporting

Impact Footprint creates a simple organisational profile of a non-profit or social enterprise with a focus on impact, finance, and governance. The goal is to offer standardised, comparable, and reliable data across entities to assess the performance of impact-driven capital.

Connect and convene
Knowledge sharing

In time, Impact Footprint will offer learning resources to improve education, awareness and understanding of impact and effective philanthropy.